Monday, March 21, 2011

"What-a-Ya Have, What-a-Ya Have"

So, two weeks ago we took a short afternoon/evening trip to "Hotlanta" to see Wes' best friend Barrett Foster. For those of you that don't know, Barrett was in a terrible car accident on January 25th outside of Troy, AL. When we received the phone call that afternoon that he had been in a car accident and his prognosis was not good, we fell to our knees with tears running down our faces and asked God to intervene in a mighty way! Wes immediately dropped what he was doing and headed to Montgomery to be with Michelle, their kids and the rest of the Foster family. Barrett spent several weeks at UAB hospital in Birmingham, before being transferred to the Shepard Center in Atlanta for rehab. Barrett and his wife, Michelle, mean the world to us and are like an aunt and uncle to Brock-Allen. (We call them Aunt Michelle and Uncle Barrett.) I praise God for Barrett and his friendship to Wes. They have stuck by each other through the good and bad; have encouraged each other and held each other accountable. Every wife should pray for that friend for her husband! I am so thankful for Michelle and how God has proven to her that he is real and will take care of her family! God has proven himself to be true and we know he is not finished with Barrett! Barrett is a true testimony of God's grace, mercy and love.
Since we were going to see our Uncle Barrett, Wes wanted to make a pit stop - at his favorite hot dog joint! The Varsity! The Varsity, the place for the true Atlanta chili dog (and heartburn)! We enjoyed a chili dog, (Wes enjoyed 3 chili dogs) and then made our way to see Barrett at the Shepard Center! It brought tears to my eyes when we walked in his room and we was propped up in bed watching tv and smiling! The last time I saw him he was in ICU with tubes coming out everywhere and not even breathing on his own....but now he was our Barrett again! Although he still has a long road of therapy ahead, we know that God will see him through it all! Barrett, we love you more than you will ever know and I am so thankful for you, especially for what you mean to Wes! Praying for you always!
You can keep up with Barrett and check out his progress at his Caring Bridge website -

Here is a picture from outside the Varsity- March 11, 2011

Many Blessings,


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I am not worthy. I love you three very much.