Saturday, March 19, 2011

Long Lost Blogger...

I almost forgot I had a blog - seriously! Life has been moving at such a rapid pace that I rarely have time to take a breath, but I wouldn't have it any other way. So much has taken place since my last post - this time last year! I am not even sure where to begin! So here it goes -

1. We moved! That's right! We packed up our little cottage and moved away from all that we knew. We left our beloved little town of Troy, Al and headed to the "big" Phenix City. I was offered a job teaching at Loyd Elementary on post at Ft. Benning. I am an official employee of the Department of Defense. I am so thankful that God has given us this opportunity. Though I second guess our decision at times, I am grateful for all that He has blessed us with. We have met some amazing people, found an incredible church, and are making some lasting relationships with my family that is close by! Although our cottage has not sold, God has provided so amazing renters! We are living in an apartment in Phenix City, which some days is not ideal with a 16 month old little boy that has more energy than I can keep up with, but God is meeting our needs and continues to provide all that we need and ask for! We are going to begin the house hunting journey, praying that the Lord will open up a door and provide us a house in a great neighborhood and within our budget! We are trusting Him!

2. Brock-Allen turned 1! Yes sir he did! And now, 16 months old, he is learning more and more each day, saying new words daily, running (not walking), playing non-stop, and just enjoying life as a little boy. He weighs a solid 30 lbs and is around 34 inches tall. He wears 2t-3t size clothes and a 6 1/2 shoe! He is growing so fast I feel like like I buy him new clothes and shoes weekly! We have been battling lots of sickness. BA had ear tubes put in during November 2010 and that went great, no ear infections since then! But, we have had the flu (2 times), tonsillitis, and pneumonia! But praise God, he did great and bounced right back each time! Wes and I are so blessed that he is such a sweet, healthy, lovable little boy! Thank you, God!

Cake is delicious!

The party was amazing and we all had a blast!

BA had to get tubes put in his ears in November 2010. Our ENT doctor is amazing and we were blessed that BA did great and has been ear infection free since then!

3. Wes Roberts Photography is still going strong! Wes continues to work from home and spend great quality time with Brock-Allen on a daily basis! Before BA was born, we prayed that the Lord would allow one of us to stay at home with him and He has! The photography business is still going strong and continues to grow by leaps and bounds! Wes has learned so much about himself and his business over the past year. His pictures are better and better each day! He recently went out to Las Vegas to the annual WPPI photography convention. He had a great experience and had 6 intense days filled with learning new tricks! I am so thankful for Wes' heart and how God continues to use photography to impact people and share the gospel!
Check out how awesome some of his recent work is:

So, there is just a short recap of our past year! Of course, lots more has happened in between all of that but it would take days to type it all out! I hope I have not lost my faithful blog readers and I pray that you are doing well!

Brock-Allen - 1 year photo shoot - November 2010

Much Love, Meagan

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