Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{Spring Break Fun}

Spring Break - a rite of passage for many - for me, well I just thank God that I have made it this far in the school year and that summer is close! Last week was my spring break. I always look forward to spring break because as a teacher it means that the end of the school year is just around the corner! 6 more weeks to be exact and then I am home free for 8 whole weeks!!!!

So Spring Break...when I was 20 it was a perfectly planned beach trip with sorority sisters, but now that I am rounding the corner to 30 it is perfectly fine if I stay home and hang out with my sweet husband and precious son! Fortunately, since Wes works from home, I got to spend some great quality time with my boys! To make it even better my parents came up to see us for a few days as well!

We started off spring break with a fun trip to the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA. We are loving how much there is to do here in Columbus and what is only a few minutes from us!

It was so amazing - we rode a schools bus that had been painted like a zebra! The animals came right up to the window and would eat out of your hand. BA was fascinated by it all and loved it when the animals came close. The safari is 3 miles long and takes about an hour. After about 20 minutes into the safari BA was starting to get sleepy - and this is what happened...

He gave way to the motion of the bus and nap time. So, he slept through the last part of the ride but I know he enjoyed the first part. Once the ride was over, we ate lunch at the Animal Cafe and then ventured out to see the animals that were in the "walk through" section of the park. It was very fun and although I have mixed emotions about seeing animals in cages, it is very interesting to see them up close.

Wes and BA checking out the bears. Daddy was telling BA all about the bears! (I love moments like these!)

Spring Break started off with a bang! We had a blast at the animal safari! I have lots more to post about spring break, but that will have to wait till tomorrow - another post, because this girl is tired! Hope you are having a blessed week!

Happy Spring!



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day {A little late}

Just wanted to share a few photos from St. Patrick's Day. I bought BA a cute t-shirt at Carters and had to share a few photos of my handsome little man! Enjoy!

This little man melts my heart each day! I love him so!!!!