Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Little of Everything!!!!

I know I am blogging about this a little late...but...for Spring Break we headed to Winter Haven, Florida! My parents live there and it is where I grew up! It only about 45 minutes outside of Orlando...so you can imagine we had a blast! BA had a lot of "firsts" that week! He had his first trip to a theme park, first bite of "solid" food (cereal and sweet peas), first time riding in his big boy stroller...Enjoy the pictures. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this beautiful spring time weather! Have a great Easter. Take time to reflect on what Christ did for us as he suffered and died a cruel death on the Cross. What an amazing thing! Praise the Lord He did that for me!

We visited Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando

Universal City Walk lights up at night will all kinds of fun - due to having a baby we no longer get to participate in any sort of night life...but that is OK we would not trade it for anything!

Riding in my big boy stroller!
Meeting Popeye and Olive Oil! BA was very interested in Popeye. Please excuse the fact that I have a whole lot more weight to lose after carrying my sweet boy for 9 months! (Boy...pictures sure do let you know when you need to fix something!)
Wes (or Uncle Bubba) (as Caden and Paige (my sister's children) call him) with Caden!

Nick Studios at Universal Studios Orlando

Hanging out in my stroller. BA is and was such a great baby that day! He enjoyed taking in all the sights!

My first taste of cereal. BA was not to sure about the whole spoon thing, but he has since gotten the hang of it and loves his food!!

Daddy giving me my cereal for the first time!

Uncle Bubba and Baby Paige. Obviously Paige is no longer a baby....when my sister found out she was pregnant with Paige, Caden started calling his new sister, "baby Paige" and it has stuck...that is what we all call her now :) I love nick names :)

BA hanging out with Auntie Summer (my sister)!
Hope you enjoyed your spring break as much as we did!
Love to all!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

BA turns 3 months old....

Here are a few shots from BA's 3 month session...kind of a month late getting them up since he is now 4 months old but oh well!!!
He is growing like a weed...rolling over, holding his head up, laughing, "talking" to us, discovering a love for baby food and baby cereal...I could go on and on!!! Wes and are enjoying every moment - watching him grow and discover! Enjoy the pics!
*Of course Wes took them! I love having a husband that is a professional photographer!!!