Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My lastest obsession...

Since all you now know that we will have a new addition in November...I am going to share with you my latest obsession...
BABY Rooms - of course!
We will not find out what it is until June, but I already have my eye on some ideas and bedding that I love. If you have any ideas please share them with me! I hope you enjoy some of my ideas that I have found. I will hopefully be able to post a picture of my latest find - a rocker/recliner for the nursery ( I purchased it at Goodwill for a mere $10). I am going to have a slip cover made for it when I finally decide on what to do with the room!

Be Blessed

This bird picture could quite possibly be the inspiration for my nursery! I love it!

I love the rug in this nursery and those curtains are great (from IKEA - my sister has these in my nephew's room)

Maybe my handy husband could whip up one of these great little changing/storage stations (in his spare time between running financial aid, running his photography business, and taking care of his pregnant wife!)

And a baby will make 3...

Just in case you haven't heard the news...Wes and I are expecting our first child in November! We couldn't be happier! We had our first "real" ultrasound last week and we were able to hear the heart beat and see the little peanut moving! It was such an awesome experience! We feel so blessed already and have not even met the little peanut yet! Wes is continuing to get better...He is still on steroid drops for his eye but the swelling has decreased tremendously! He still has a fuzzy haze over his eye, which will probably have to be removed with surgery, and some back pain, but all things are looking up! He has been a great care-taker for me! I have had horrible morning sickness that can last all day at times! My OB doctor has given me some wonderful medication to help with the nausea, but I keep telling myself that in the end this will all be worth it! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and is enjoying the wonderful spring weather! I will hopefully get some ultrasound pictures up soon along with pictures of our new doors and windows. We are also getting ready to embark on a journey that will test our marriage - we are getting ready to paint the outside of our house! For any of you that have been home renovators know what I am talking about! Please pray that the painting goes smoothly and that we will still love each other in the end :) !

Have a wonderful week!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Many Thanks

Thank you to everyone who commented and who have been and who are continuing to pray for Wes. We still have a long way to go to get him better. If anyone likes specifics to pray about, we are asking that you pray for Wes' right eye. He has a form of Ankylosing Spondilitis. I know that is a long word but what it boils down to is....it is an auto-immune disease that can manifest itself and flair up in other parts of your body. Right now it is in Wes' right eye. It has caused Iritis (yes all these big words) - which is severe inflamation in the eye. People have lost their vision from this disease. He has been battling this for about 3 weeks now. The doctors are keeping it dialted and he is using drops several times a day. The inflamation has caused a cataract type plaque to form on his lens which means the only to correct his vision will be through sugery. He is very frustrated because he cannot see out of that eye and it is very sensitive to the light. We do go back to the specialist this Friday, we are praying for great news!
Sorry for the medical run-down of Wes, but I am sure you will pray specifically for the eye!
Thanks to everyone! We love all of you! We pray many blessings come your way!