Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{Spring Break Fun}

Spring Break - a rite of passage for many - for me, well I just thank God that I have made it this far in the school year and that summer is close! Last week was my spring break. I always look forward to spring break because as a teacher it means that the end of the school year is just around the corner! 6 more weeks to be exact and then I am home free for 8 whole weeks!!!!

So Spring Break...when I was 20 it was a perfectly planned beach trip with sorority sisters, but now that I am rounding the corner to 30 it is perfectly fine if I stay home and hang out with my sweet husband and precious son! Fortunately, since Wes works from home, I got to spend some great quality time with my boys! To make it even better my parents came up to see us for a few days as well!

We started off spring break with a fun trip to the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA. We are loving how much there is to do here in Columbus and what is only a few minutes from us!

It was so amazing - we rode a schools bus that had been painted like a zebra! The animals came right up to the window and would eat out of your hand. BA was fascinated by it all and loved it when the animals came close. The safari is 3 miles long and takes about an hour. After about 20 minutes into the safari BA was starting to get sleepy - and this is what happened...

He gave way to the motion of the bus and nap time. So, he slept through the last part of the ride but I know he enjoyed the first part. Once the ride was over, we ate lunch at the Animal Cafe and then ventured out to see the animals that were in the "walk through" section of the park. It was very fun and although I have mixed emotions about seeing animals in cages, it is very interesting to see them up close.

Wes and BA checking out the bears. Daddy was telling BA all about the bears! (I love moments like these!)

Spring Break started off with a bang! We had a blast at the animal safari! I have lots more to post about spring break, but that will have to wait till tomorrow - another post, because this girl is tired! Hope you are having a blessed week!

Happy Spring!



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day {A little late}

Just wanted to share a few photos from St. Patrick's Day. I bought BA a cute t-shirt at Carters and had to share a few photos of my handsome little man! Enjoy!

This little man melts my heart each day! I love him so!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

{Just Sharing My Heart}

I am FAMOUS for starting a bible study and not finishing it. (I know what you are saying, Kelli Knick, "Yes she is!") But I do start them with the best of intentions and somehow I let other things get in the way or come before spending time in the word. Not my best quality.... Ok, so I decided the other day that I was going to stick to this one, determined to finish it to the end - Thanks to my best friend Kelli, she recommended 'Ruth' - The Living Room Series by Kelly Minter (who is fabulous, by the way!). So yes, I have actually completed almost three weeks of this study and it has pierced my heart, no doubt! I prayed asking God to show up in a mighty way in my life - I have been in need of some "spirit refreshing." He has been teaching me some very cool things these last few weeks! So if you don't mind, I would love to share them with you.... During one of the daily studies, Kelly Minter talked about Ruth and how she left all that she knew to follow her mother-in-law...Really Ruth? Who does that? Your mother-in-law? And Ruth was not even a Christian/believer at the time - she told her mother-in-law that she would follow her and her God. Wow...right there Ruth proves to have a lot more heart than most of us! Ruth had lots to overcome! She lost her husband and was a widow, she was leaving all that she knew to follow her mother-in-law to a foreign land where she knew she wasn't going to be accepted...she had lots to overcome! After reading the first chapter of Ruth, Wes and I were discussing the significance of Ruth arriving in Bethlehem at the beginning of the barley harvest. Now for those of you who know Wes, you know he likes to dig and find the meaning behind everything. So we got on the laptop and began to google...and this is what we found... The barley harvest represented overcomers (not sure if that is a word but, oh well). Barley can also with-stand extreme heat and cold. It was very hearty and was hard to kill. It survived on very little! Ok...wow God, now you have just opened up a whole new meaning. Ruth arrived at the beginning of the barley harvest...think about how much meaning that has - think about what all she has had to endure, will endure and has had to overcome! I can't help but think how amazing it is that we have assurance that Christ has overcome the world! He has overcome death and the grave! I constantly ask myself, "Why do you allow your circumstances to dictate your days when the God that loves you has overcome it all?" I think I can get so caught up in my challenges and struggles that I forget what all He has overcome. I forget that I am His child and that there is nothing that can take that away from me! If you haven't read Ruth you must - it is a short book of the Bible and a great read! I can't help but think about all that Ruth lost and endured, but yet God was already at work before she even arrived in Bethlehem. She goes from widow and poor (collecting the left over barley that was left in the field) to marrying a wealthy man and having a son, Obed - the grandfather of David! Whoa...so for sure God was at work! He is at work in our lives before we even know what is going to happen. He knows the outcome and has overcome! I pray that I can remind myself daily that His plans are best and that I am not called to a life of worry! God is holding our hand even when we think we are walking all alone! Please know that He loves you more than anyone or anything in this world could and wants to walk with you! He has overcome!!!! How awesome that we can wake up each morning with this hope and assurance! Have a blessed week!!! {Meagan}

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekends are made for FUN!!!

We have had a great weekend! Our Friday night was filled with dinner at Smokey Bones and Thomas the Train fun (see pics below). Wes had to shoot a wedding on Saturday so BA and I went to lunch with our GiGi. (GiGi is my grandmother and BA's great-grandmother. BA is the youngest (but won't be for long - my cousin is pregnant with great-grand child #13) of 12 great-grandchildren. Our GiGi is great and at 78 she is able to do more than most people younger than her!) We went to lunch at Steak n' Shake! Who doesn't love a great hamburger and chocolate shake?! After lunch we went back to GiGi's house and played for a little bit and then took golf cart ride! Sunday we had a fun and relaxing day! We went to sweet Ava's birthday party at my Aunt's house. My cousin's little girl, Ava, turned 8 today and we celebrated with cake, ice cream and some good old fashioned outside play time! BA had a blast! If anything is remotely associated with the outdoors my child loves it! He played hard and was so dirty when it was time to go home! Playing in the play house outside at Aunt Barbara's or Aunt Nana as we call her!

BA loved the swing because he figured out how to climb into it and get down!

Cousin Jake helping BA out of the swing.

Determined BA was pushing the John Deer Gator around the yard!

Pushing the Gator with a little hlep from daddy.

BA loves to pick up sticks and dirt and leaves and put it in the back of the Gator! Such a boy!

Friday afternoon/evening/night are my favorites! I get to come home, hang out and relax with my two favorite boys! It is so nice to know that you have two days off when Friday afternoon rolls around. Our usual routine is to grab some dinner out and then come home and play! We made a pit-stop after dinner at Toys-R-Us! Brock-Allen got his first Thomas the Train set! Just a brief history - Thomas is the one and only at our house! Brock-Allen will sit still for 20 minutes just mesmerized by Thomas on TV! Thankfully we have lots of Thomas to keep the obsession strong! Of course, Wes and I have memorized all the Thomas songs and lines to the movies. Ok...so after we went to Toys-R-Us we took our new Thomas purchase home and set up the train tracks! Brock-Allen loved helping his daddy by taking the tracks and dragging them all over the house. Once the track was set, Daddy and BA enjoyed watching Thomas go round' and round' the track!

Watching Thomas go through the tunnel.

Waiting for Thomas to come through the tunnel.

Mesmerized by Thomas!

We put jammies on and played before bed time! Daddy showing BA that Thomas can go through the tunnel.

Checking out a piece of the Thomas track.

(Also, notice the cute outfit he is wearing made by OkaySewWhat on Etsy! I have a slight obession with Etsy...I love handmade things!)

Pushing Thomas around on the carpet.

We hope you had a blessed weekend as well! Enjoy time with your family! Every moment is a blessing and gift from God!

Love to All,


Thursday, March 24, 2011

What a Beautiful Day!!!!

The weather today was wonderful! High 76 and sunny...not a cloud in the sky! After a long, rough, hard day at work I came home to my sweet hubby and precious little man! Wes had Brock-Allen's backpack ready and said, "Let's go for a walk at the park." Of course I didn't hesitate! To spend a moment with my two boys, I jump at every opportunity! So off we went to the park to watch the ducks, walk and just enjoy each others company! Sometimes it is the simple things in life that let you know you are the most loved! Especially when the Lord provides you with moments like these!

BA loves riding in his stroller! He just loves being outside!

Daddy was telling BA all about the ducks!
Checking out the ducks!
Walking with Mommy!
(Just wanted to let you know that his shirt does say "Dad Rules" but in fine red print under that it says "Until Mom gets home!" Yes sir...I do rule)
Have a wonderful Weekend!
Many Blessings,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So now that Brock-Allen is 16 months old, we are trying to get him used to holding a spoon and putting it in his food. I have started with yogurt, pudding, etc...things that are easy to scoop and easy to transfer to his mouth. OK - so tonight we gave him vanilla pudding and a spoon and let him go to town. He had the best time trying to spoon it into his own mouth. Once he was tired of the spoon he decided to just put his hands in it! Obviously, when you are 16 months old that is much more fun than using a spoon! I think he got more on himself and his shirt than actually went into his mouth, but who cares....from a teacher perspective he was learning about texture and problem solving! After the pudding explosion, he, of course, needed a bath! Enjoy our evening of pudding, a bath and some fun play time before bed.

I love this picture of him pointing! He is saying his favorite phrase "You See?"
After the pudding "explosion," a bath was in order!
Of course, he enjoys every minute of his bath time...complete with Thomas the Tank Engine tub toys and boat!

We then enjoyed some fun play time before it was time for "Jammies" and bed.
This little boy makes each day brighter and we never have a dull moment! I wouldn't trade it for one moment of quiet time!
Love and Blessings,

Monday, March 21, 2011

"What-a-Ya Have, What-a-Ya Have"

So, two weeks ago we took a short afternoon/evening trip to "Hotlanta" to see Wes' best friend Barrett Foster. For those of you that don't know, Barrett was in a terrible car accident on January 25th outside of Troy, AL. When we received the phone call that afternoon that he had been in a car accident and his prognosis was not good, we fell to our knees with tears running down our faces and asked God to intervene in a mighty way! Wes immediately dropped what he was doing and headed to Montgomery to be with Michelle, their kids and the rest of the Foster family. Barrett spent several weeks at UAB hospital in Birmingham, before being transferred to the Shepard Center in Atlanta for rehab. Barrett and his wife, Michelle, mean the world to us and are like an aunt and uncle to Brock-Allen. (We call them Aunt Michelle and Uncle Barrett.) I praise God for Barrett and his friendship to Wes. They have stuck by each other through the good and bad; have encouraged each other and held each other accountable. Every wife should pray for that friend for her husband! I am so thankful for Michelle and how God has proven to her that he is real and will take care of her family! God has proven himself to be true and we know he is not finished with Barrett! Barrett is a true testimony of God's grace, mercy and love.
Since we were going to see our Uncle Barrett, Wes wanted to make a pit stop - at his favorite hot dog joint! The Varsity! The Varsity, the place for the true Atlanta chili dog (and heartburn)! We enjoyed a chili dog, (Wes enjoyed 3 chili dogs) and then made our way to see Barrett at the Shepard Center! It brought tears to my eyes when we walked in his room and we was propped up in bed watching tv and smiling! The last time I saw him he was in ICU with tubes coming out everywhere and not even breathing on his own....but now he was our Barrett again! Although he still has a long road of therapy ahead, we know that God will see him through it all! Barrett, we love you more than you will ever know and I am so thankful for you, especially for what you mean to Wes! Praying for you always!
You can keep up with Barrett and check out his progress at his Caring Bridge website -


Here is a picture from outside the Varsity- March 11, 2011

Many Blessings,


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Enjoy a "Moment" with me...

Being this little boys mother is the most amazing journey God has allowed me to embark on! Every day is new and no matter what he loves me! He loves me despite my faults, how I look, how I dress...he loves me! And I will always love him. I never understood a mothers love or the impact it could have on one's life until I met this little guy on November 3, 2009. He took my breath away and still does each and every day! Brock-Allen, I love you with all my heart. Thank you for allowing me to be your mommy!

Long Lost Blogger...

I almost forgot I had a blog - seriously! Life has been moving at such a rapid pace that I rarely have time to take a breath, but I wouldn't have it any other way. So much has taken place since my last post - this time last year! I am not even sure where to begin! So here it goes -

1. We moved! That's right! We packed up our little cottage and moved away from all that we knew. We left our beloved little town of Troy, Al and headed to the "big" Phenix City. I was offered a job teaching at Loyd Elementary on post at Ft. Benning. I am an official employee of the Department of Defense. I am so thankful that God has given us this opportunity. Though I second guess our decision at times, I am grateful for all that He has blessed us with. We have met some amazing people, found an incredible church, and are making some lasting relationships with my family that is close by! Although our cottage has not sold, God has provided so amazing renters! We are living in an apartment in Phenix City, which some days is not ideal with a 16 month old little boy that has more energy than I can keep up with, but God is meeting our needs and continues to provide all that we need and ask for! We are going to begin the house hunting journey, praying that the Lord will open up a door and provide us a house in a great neighborhood and within our budget! We are trusting Him!

2. Brock-Allen turned 1! Yes sir he did! And now, 16 months old, he is learning more and more each day, saying new words daily, running (not walking), playing non-stop, and just enjoying life as a little boy. He weighs a solid 30 lbs and is around 34 inches tall. He wears 2t-3t size clothes and a 6 1/2 shoe! He is growing so fast I feel like like I buy him new clothes and shoes weekly! We have been battling lots of sickness. BA had ear tubes put in during November 2010 and that went great, no ear infections since then! But, we have had the flu (2 times), tonsillitis, and pneumonia! But praise God, he did great and bounced right back each time! Wes and I are so blessed that he is such a sweet, healthy, lovable little boy! Thank you, God!

Cake is delicious!

The party was amazing and we all had a blast!

BA had to get tubes put in his ears in November 2010. Our ENT doctor is amazing and we were blessed that BA did great and has been ear infection free since then!

3. Wes Roberts Photography is still going strong! Wes continues to work from home and spend great quality time with Brock-Allen on a daily basis! Before BA was born, we prayed that the Lord would allow one of us to stay at home with him and He has! The photography business is still going strong and continues to grow by leaps and bounds! Wes has learned so much about himself and his business over the past year. His pictures are better and better each day! He recently went out to Las Vegas to the annual WPPI photography convention. He had a great experience and had 6 intense days filled with learning new tricks! I am so thankful for Wes' heart and how God continues to use photography to impact people and share the gospel!
Check out how awesome some of his recent work is: http://www.wesrobertsphotography.com/

So, there is just a short recap of our past year! Of course, lots more has happened in between all of that but it would take days to type it all out! I hope I have not lost my faithful blog readers and I pray that you are doing well!

Brock-Allen - 1 year photo shoot - November 2010

Much Love, Meagan