Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekends are made for FUN!!!

We have had a great weekend! Our Friday night was filled with dinner at Smokey Bones and Thomas the Train fun (see pics below). Wes had to shoot a wedding on Saturday so BA and I went to lunch with our GiGi. (GiGi is my grandmother and BA's great-grandmother. BA is the youngest (but won't be for long - my cousin is pregnant with great-grand child #13) of 12 great-grandchildren. Our GiGi is great and at 78 she is able to do more than most people younger than her!) We went to lunch at Steak n' Shake! Who doesn't love a great hamburger and chocolate shake?! After lunch we went back to GiGi's house and played for a little bit and then took golf cart ride! Sunday we had a fun and relaxing day! We went to sweet Ava's birthday party at my Aunt's house. My cousin's little girl, Ava, turned 8 today and we celebrated with cake, ice cream and some good old fashioned outside play time! BA had a blast! If anything is remotely associated with the outdoors my child loves it! He played hard and was so dirty when it was time to go home! Playing in the play house outside at Aunt Barbara's or Aunt Nana as we call her!

BA loved the swing because he figured out how to climb into it and get down!

Cousin Jake helping BA out of the swing.

Determined BA was pushing the John Deer Gator around the yard!

Pushing the Gator with a little hlep from daddy.

BA loves to pick up sticks and dirt and leaves and put it in the back of the Gator! Such a boy!

Friday afternoon/evening/night are my favorites! I get to come home, hang out and relax with my two favorite boys! It is so nice to know that you have two days off when Friday afternoon rolls around. Our usual routine is to grab some dinner out and then come home and play! We made a pit-stop after dinner at Toys-R-Us! Brock-Allen got his first Thomas the Train set! Just a brief history - Thomas is the one and only at our house! Brock-Allen will sit still for 20 minutes just mesmerized by Thomas on TV! Thankfully we have lots of Thomas to keep the obsession strong! Of course, Wes and I have memorized all the Thomas songs and lines to the movies. after we went to Toys-R-Us we took our new Thomas purchase home and set up the train tracks! Brock-Allen loved helping his daddy by taking the tracks and dragging them all over the house. Once the track was set, Daddy and BA enjoyed watching Thomas go round' and round' the track!

Watching Thomas go through the tunnel.

Waiting for Thomas to come through the tunnel.

Mesmerized by Thomas!

We put jammies on and played before bed time! Daddy showing BA that Thomas can go through the tunnel.

Checking out a piece of the Thomas track.

(Also, notice the cute outfit he is wearing made by OkaySewWhat on Etsy! I have a slight obession with Etsy...I love handmade things!)

Pushing Thomas around on the carpet.

We hope you had a blessed weekend as well! Enjoy time with your family! Every moment is a blessing and gift from God!

Love to All,


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