Monday, March 28, 2011

{Just Sharing My Heart}

I am FAMOUS for starting a bible study and not finishing it. (I know what you are saying, Kelli Knick, "Yes she is!") But I do start them with the best of intentions and somehow I let other things get in the way or come before spending time in the word. Not my best quality.... Ok, so I decided the other day that I was going to stick to this one, determined to finish it to the end - Thanks to my best friend Kelli, she recommended 'Ruth' - The Living Room Series by Kelly Minter (who is fabulous, by the way!). So yes, I have actually completed almost three weeks of this study and it has pierced my heart, no doubt! I prayed asking God to show up in a mighty way in my life - I have been in need of some "spirit refreshing." He has been teaching me some very cool things these last few weeks! So if you don't mind, I would love to share them with you.... During one of the daily studies, Kelly Minter talked about Ruth and how she left all that she knew to follow her mother-in-law...Really Ruth? Who does that? Your mother-in-law? And Ruth was not even a Christian/believer at the time - she told her mother-in-law that she would follow her and her God. Wow...right there Ruth proves to have a lot more heart than most of us! Ruth had lots to overcome! She lost her husband and was a widow, she was leaving all that she knew to follow her mother-in-law to a foreign land where she knew she wasn't going to be accepted...she had lots to overcome! After reading the first chapter of Ruth, Wes and I were discussing the significance of Ruth arriving in Bethlehem at the beginning of the barley harvest. Now for those of you who know Wes, you know he likes to dig and find the meaning behind everything. So we got on the laptop and began to google...and this is what we found... The barley harvest represented overcomers (not sure if that is a word but, oh well). Barley can also with-stand extreme heat and cold. It was very hearty and was hard to kill. It survived on very little! God, now you have just opened up a whole new meaning. Ruth arrived at the beginning of the barley harvest...think about how much meaning that has - think about what all she has had to endure, will endure and has had to overcome! I can't help but think how amazing it is that we have assurance that Christ has overcome the world! He has overcome death and the grave! I constantly ask myself, "Why do you allow your circumstances to dictate your days when the God that loves you has overcome it all?" I think I can get so caught up in my challenges and struggles that I forget what all He has overcome. I forget that I am His child and that there is nothing that can take that away from me! If you haven't read Ruth you must - it is a short book of the Bible and a great read! I can't help but think about all that Ruth lost and endured, but yet God was already at work before she even arrived in Bethlehem. She goes from widow and poor (collecting the left over barley that was left in the field) to marrying a wealthy man and having a son, Obed - the grandfather of David! for sure God was at work! He is at work in our lives before we even know what is going to happen. He knows the outcome and has overcome! I pray that I can remind myself daily that His plans are best and that I am not called to a life of worry! God is holding our hand even when we think we are walking all alone! Please know that He loves you more than anyone or anything in this world could and wants to walk with you! He has overcome!!!! How awesome that we can wake up each morning with this hope and assurance! Have a blessed week!!! {Meagan}


Simply Sellers said...

This is such a blessing to me! I needed some encouragement tonight. I think I will go read Ruth again! :)

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOO proud of you!!! I Love you bestie!