Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So now that Brock-Allen is 16 months old, we are trying to get him used to holding a spoon and putting it in his food. I have started with yogurt, pudding, etc...things that are easy to scoop and easy to transfer to his mouth. OK - so tonight we gave him vanilla pudding and a spoon and let him go to town. He had the best time trying to spoon it into his own mouth. Once he was tired of the spoon he decided to just put his hands in it! Obviously, when you are 16 months old that is much more fun than using a spoon! I think he got more on himself and his shirt than actually went into his mouth, but who cares....from a teacher perspective he was learning about texture and problem solving! After the pudding explosion, he, of course, needed a bath! Enjoy our evening of pudding, a bath and some fun play time before bed.

I love this picture of him pointing! He is saying his favorite phrase "You See?"
After the pudding "explosion," a bath was in order!
Of course, he enjoys every minute of his bath time...complete with Thomas the Tank Engine tub toys and boat!

We then enjoyed some fun play time before it was time for "Jammies" and bed.
This little boy makes each day brighter and we never have a dull moment! I wouldn't trade it for one moment of quiet time!
Love and Blessings,


Summer said...

He Looks SOOOO Much Like DADDY and YOU in these pics!!!!!! OMG I miss him SOOOO much!!

Dawn said...

I agree with Summer...he looks soooo much like you did at that age. Love and kisses to all of you