Friday, November 7, 2008

Trick-or-Treat...a few days late...

I know it is a few days late (well a week to be exact), but I wanted to share with you what greeted trick-or-treaters as they walked up to my house. My husband and I love Halloween. We just love pumpkin carving, handing out candy, and especially seeing pint sized trick-or-treaters adorned in their favorite costumes!

Hope you enjoy!

My Husband's fantastic carving skills!

My "favorite place" (my cottage) before the sun set.

After the sun set...

Some close friends of ours brought their precious kiddo's by to visit for a moment and to dip into the candy basket!

Have a great Friday!

xo, Meagan

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Charlie and Jennifer Senn said...

I found your blog! Your house looks straight out of cottage living. I love all the things you've done with it. Charlie and I enjoyed our time with you and Wes today...we're excited and hopeful of the proofs. Have a good week!