Saturday, January 9, 2010

Organizing for 2010

So we all make New Year's Resolutions...and this year is no different for me...
Although we did not manage to stay awake to see 2009 turn into 2010, I am still making a resolution! My resolution - to organize my tiny cottage! Now that I have a sweet baby and his numerous toys, swings, bouncy seats, diapers, wipes, etc...taking up some space, our 1200 square foot cottage is slowly closing in on us! No, this will not be the house we grow old in, but I would like for it to be organized while we are here! Now, let me just say that organization is not a characteristic of mine, but for 2010 I am going to try my best! The biggest issue is our teeny tiny closets! Since this cottage was built in the 1940's closet/storage space is well...non-existent! I have bought some storage cubes from Lowe's that my wonderful husband assembled and I put them in BA's closet to organize the diapers, wipes, bath products, etc. I am thinking of putting them in our closets to make the space more efficient! But what I really need is some creative ideas! If you have any, leave me a comment and let me know what they are! Another critical issue is teeny tiny dinning room is going to become Wes's home office. No, this is not an ideal situation but it is the best right now - with the photography business booming, he needs the space to spread out his computer stuff, camera stuff, and printing stuff! So, I am going to have to search for some creative ideas to make it flow with the rest of the house....I don't want it to look junkie. With all that said, shoot me some ideas! Have a great Weekend!!!

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Charlie and Jennifer Senn said...

Organizing is always a job, but it does come with benefits. is one of my favorite spots to get inspiration for a small or combined space. And no snow yet, but hope you're staying warm anyway.