Sunday, February 8, 2009

Where have I been...

Well...let me tell you where I have been...

I have been everywhere but blog land! Sorry I disappeared since Christmas! Is it really February? A lot has happened over the past couple of months!

Wes and I have finally opened our studio in downtown Troy. The renovations have made the studio look amazing! We have not officially opened, but of course we are still booking weddings and portrait settings. We are planning an open house to officially open the studio! If you need a photographer call us up ( (Had to put the business plug in!) God has continued to bless our photography business. He has opened up many doors for Wes! Wes has stayed booked and busy - Pray for us as we continue to seek Him about what is best for us and our business!

We also have some great news...we have a new niece in town! My sister gave birth to her second sweet child on Friday, Jan. 30, 2009. Paige Marie came into this world a healthy, beautiful girl! Wes and I are thrilled to have a new niece and can't wait till we can hold and kiss her chubby cheeks!

Here is big brother Caden (he is 3 1/2). He is loving his new little sister!

Here is Caden and little Paige Marie again...Love those thumbs up from big brother. Paige, savor those thumbs up - who knows how long those will last...

Paige's first few pictures after only a few hours in our big world!

I can't wait to teach her girly and sassy sister refers to me as a "hair bow." I am a Chi Omega Alumni and am still very involved in my sorority chapter. I am a chapter of course - Paige, as my only Chi Omega legacy at the moment, will be decked out in owl stuff (Chi Omega's mascot) as well as the Chi Omega letters. She already has Chi Omega shirt and is only a week old!

I hope everyone has a great week! I promise to be more faithful to blog land! Please continue to read my posts...I am not sure if anyone even reads...but I sure do love to blog!

I will leave you with a recent pic of Wes and I...when you are a never have decent pictures together - so we have to settle for the ole' digital camera "self" portrait!


The Rigoloso's said...

I am a follower of the 504 Cottage, no doubt! I so need to get back into the blog world! Light fixture is up in kitchen-looks fantastic-however, not without a minor catastrophe along the way! I MISS YOU!!! Are we still BFF?!?!? I may have to get Paige a KD shirt...just to keep her options open!

Summer said...

*I* read your blog so keep posting!!!
Paige sends kisses and Caden growled at you, which I guess means good things. Who knows with that crazy boy?