Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Need of a Little Inspiration...

I am in need of a little inspiration...I am trying to be creative, yet budget friendly with decorating my cottage. I have found a few ideas for decorating - mostly just inspiration to get ideas turning in my head.

I love this dresser - but what I love more is the wall behind the dresser.

I love the linens on this bed! I have a shabby chic room - but the bed in that room is in need of a fresh set of linens. Any ideas?

This living room is precious to me - I am so excited to announce that my custom roman shades have been completed and will be hung in my house this weekend! That's right my friends, goodbye blinds, hello custom shades! The shades have been custom designed and made by one of my very best friends, Molly Rigoloso of Henderson and Rigoloso, Drapery and Design. She is a great designer with a great, creative eye! If you are in need of some of her services, let me know and I will be happy to pass along her contact information!

I love those red end tables for a punch of color!

I am also in the process of renovating my little cottage laundry room. I am going to post some before pictures later tonight but for now I can explain - it is an indoor/outdoor room. It has great concrete floors and original tongue and groove walls and ceiling. It is fabulous - just in need of some freshness! I love this storage idea - not sure if it is practical but it sure looks cute!

Hopefully I will find some inspiration to assist me with my continuous cottage renovation. If you have any ideas please let me know! Hope you are having a great Wednesday!



The Rigoloso's said...

Just wait, sister! The ideas are coming along with the shades this weekend! I am so excited to stay at the 504 cottage! Lurve you- mmr

Meagan said...

We are going to rearrange and redecorate the 504 cottage. She is screaming for some help!

Summer said...

How are you supposed to reach those laundry bins? With your giant who lives in the laundry room?

Laura said...

I feel like you could use that window clakboard on your back wall in your launry room (by the door). That would be cute.