Friday, October 24, 2008

A Photographers Wife

That's me...The Photographers Wife. My husband owns a photography business (Wes Roberts Photography). Let me just put this out there...for those of you who might think how glamorous and exciting this might be...well it is kinda the opposite. It is the typical "everyone has great pictures except for us" kinda thing. With that said, he is fabulous at what he does! He truly has a God-given talent and is using it to honor Him! We are currently in the process of opening up a studio in downtown Troy, Alabama. We love owning a business is this great small southern town. We have made great connections here and love the fact that many people here are beginning to appreciate creative, quality photography. For those of you that don't know, Wes is not your typical photographer. He has a great love for the photo journalism style of shooting. He loves shooting outdoors with interesting architectural details or an interesting piece of furniture. He does shoot many weddings along with baby, children's and family portraits. (I sure make him sound great don't I?!) And...lets not leave myself can just call me the "Official Wedding Dress Fluffer." Yep, that's what I do...fluff the wedding dress and shoot the occasional pictures or two. Behind every great photographer is well me! You can check out his website here. Obviously, I am very proud of him because he is not afraid to follow his call and his dream!

Here is a small sample of his work...

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