Monday, September 7, 2009

Nursery Details and more....

I have not blogged in so long...
I have not really been that busy just tired. I have entered my third trimester - I am at 31 weeks this week to be exact! The early pregnancy tiredness has returned and I find myself on the couch more these days! Many wise mothers have told me to cherish the "couch moments" because they will soon disappear after my little man arrives. We are continuing to work on the nursery. The "tree mural" has been painted and is complete thanks to a lovely client of Wes' and a good friend of ours! Ms. Erin (who is getting married in Oct. and Wes is shooting the wedding) came over several nights to paint the tree for us! We love it and if any of you are in need of her services, please let me know...she does a wonderful job at painting murals in nurseries! The crib has been put together and my wonderful mother purchased the crib bumper that I registered for! The curtains have been hung also, thanks to my loving and hard working husband! We have purchased some shelves to go over the changing table and some organizers for the closet! There are a few more items to complete the room...but I have time to make it all come together!
On another note, I am having my first shower on Sept. sweet cousin, Jenny, has planned a "family shower" for me! I love the invitations, as they have a cute blue bird sitting on a tree branch, matching little man's room! Wes and I feel extremely blessed that everyone is looking out for us and has provided so much for us as we prepare for our son's arrival! Enjoy the pictures below and have a blessed week!!!

The crib has been pushed up against the wall with the tree over it.

"Ms. Erin" hard at work!

The tree is finished!

Little Man's white Jenny Lind crib with the great bumper I registered for.
The faux silk curtins paired with a white roman shade.
Blessings, Meagan

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Rachel said...

adorable! It's looking so cute. I love the whole room. I'm sure he'll love it too!